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Name: TaeSee
Position: Trainee Designer
AFF Profile: TaeSee
E-mail: kaseemoua@hotmail.com
Joined Since: October 7, 2012

Experience: 8+ months
Program(s) Used: Photoshop CS4 + Pixlr
Forté: Happy/Cute, RomCom

Elegant Dork
Starry Days

About Me:
Greeting, my amazing name is TaeSee, I live and breathe the language ' sexy ' . I am a confusing kid, who can be very fun , or very weird , or awkward , or mean . I am Infinite biased , but my first love was Super Junior. My ULTIMATE bias is Lee Taemin of SHINee . Please do not fear , me , the beauty queen has an amazing heart , and there's a spot for you (:


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