Poster Request

⇒ Do not request a poster from us if you already requested from another site with the same story.

⇒ Do not alter/change/edit/remove any part of the poster(s) we made.

⇒ Give us two (2) to three (3) weeks to complete your request so please avoid spamming our e-mail or the tagbox asking about when your request will be done. We usually finish on time. Otherwise, you will be notified if it'll take a little bit longer.

⇒ Please provide a valid e-mail and URL. We will send the completed request through e-mail aside from posting it in our AFF thread. Requests with broken links will be put into the pending section. If we won't get the correct link/e-mail by 2 weeks at most then the request will be dropped.

⇒ Fill out the form as specific as you can be. Include important information (mood, theme, color, etc). It'll help me create a poster that will suit to your liking. Be reminded that we are busy people too so you can't always expect us to interpret everything in such small details. The password would be imaloner. Requests that don't have specific details will be shuffled to the back of the pending list.

⇒ If you want to change something, notify the admin by e-mail/tagbox as soon as possible, given that the request isn't complete. No changes will be made when the poster is already done unless it is our mistake.

⇒ Cancellation of request shall be done through e-mail. Include the author name, story title, and reason. Make sure that the request is still not complete.

⇒ Characters are limited to a maximum of five (5) only. Groups are not counted as one.

⇒ Provide high quality pictures of the characters. Requests with no picture URLs will be shuffled to the back. We don't always have time to search Google for pictures. Still, the designer holds the decision if they will be used or not.

Backgrounds are now only available through special request since some of the requesters don’t really use it. If you want a background with your poster then state it in the ‘Anything else’ section. We are currently closing requests for backgrounds.

⇒ Do not hotlink. Upload pictures on your own server. We will not be responsible for lost images.

⇒ Don't forget to credit the designer even though she already did on the poster itself. We'll randomly check your fanfics for that.

⇒ We have the right to reject requests without any notice if you fail to follow the rules

⇒ If you requested, leave a message on the tagbox so we can check it right away.

⇒ Subscribe to our AFF thread for updates on request completion.